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Dress Up Your Blue Bedding, 3 Ways

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from all of your astute, sweet, and LOL-funny comments over the years, it’s this: y’all love blue bedding. And so do we, which is why Annie has designed so many quilts, duvets, sheets, and accessories over the years with blue as the headliner hue. Today we’re taking a look at three different approaches to blue bedding, using simple tweaks to the palette and texture that can give the same piece a whole new look.


First, a little something about Annette, the beautiful quilt we used as a foundation for all three palettes. Annie first created this design—inspired by elaborate Indian paisley and floral pattern—in 2003, in a bold turquoise, lime, and fuchsia colorway. It was a best-seller for several years, and when Annie finally decided to retire the pattern, customers immediately wondered where it went. In 2014, Annie brought back Annette as part of the Pine Cone Hill 20th Anniversary collection. It wasn’t long before décor lovers started clamoring for other colors, so earlier this year, she introduced a brand-new version, in a perennially popular blue and cream palette.


We experimented with Annette and several different color combos, and came up with these three favorites. Which on would you try at home?


Blue & Grey


1. Resist Indigo Quilted Decorative Pillow

2. Baja White Matelassé Coverlet

3. Trio White Decorative Pillow

4. Classic Hemstitch White Sheet Set

5. Brooklyn Shams

6. Resist Indigo Quilted Bed Skirt

7. Boyfriend White Matelassé Throw

8. Annette Blue Quilt and Shams


Blue & Gold


1. Annette Blue Quilt and Shams

2. Candlewick Curry Throw

3. Silken Solid White Sheet Set

4. Laundered Linen Indigo Decorative Pillow

5. Interlaken Ink Matelassé Coverlet and Shams

6. Interlaken Ink Bed Skirt

7. Candlewick Curry Decorative Pillow


Blue & Coral


1. Chadna Coral Decorative Pillow

2. Savannah Linen Gauze White Bed Skirt

3. Surina Coral Decorative Pillow

4. Comfy Cable Knit Coral Throw

5. Tribeca White Matelassé Quilt

6. Annette Blue Quilt and Shams

7. Trio Coral Flat Sheet


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