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Diseño Hermoso: Estudio Valdés Arquitectos

When a design prompts us to stop multitasking, put down our morning java, and press our noses up against our computer screens, you know if has to be pretty spectacular. Take a peek at exhibit A: the work of Estudio Valdés Arquitectos.


See? We knew you’d love it. We do, too.

Founded in Santiago, Chile, in 2003, Estudio Valdés is a team of ten expert architects and designers who create everything from homes to office buildings, hotels, master plans, and more. Their designs—terrifically high-end without looking stiff or pretentious—are predominantly modern, with an emphasis on functionality and solutions to everyday problems. They also have a distinctively urban-artsy aesthetic, with a mix of unique materials (we’re especially taken with the stone constructions and impeccable wood choices), bold forms, and clean lines that make it easy to envision yourself living, working, playing, or just hanging out in their spaces. And don’t even get us started on those ocean and mountain views. Does it get more beautiful than this?











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