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Dinner Theater

Amp up the drama with a table full of texture, shape, and contrasting tones.

We’re going au naturel right out in public—and you won’t even have to bail us out of the pokey. For this intimate table for two, we started with a collection of organic elements. For the first layer, we chose too-cool salvaged birch placemats from Motif Modern Living (yes, those are actual cross-sections of branches), and juxtaposed them with smooth, all-white ceramic plates from Crate and Barrel.

Cinching our own linen napkins with Arzberg’s napkin rings—fabulousity squared, thanks to their Jayne Mansfield hourglass figures and their ability to double as egg cups—gives the setting a casual elegance.

The gentle curves of the clear glass tumblers and sturdy-bottomed pitcher (also from Crate and Barrel) echo the rounded edges of the plates and the wood on the placemats, while the plant is a burst of lush organic beauty. Limiting the setting to a few simple layers means the focus will stay where it belongs—on the delectable food and on the person you’re making sticky eyeballs with over the table.



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