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Desktop Delights

Colorful office supplies are like chocolate truffles from a high-end pastry shop: they’re cute and fun just to have around, and you can never seem to get enough. Luckily for us, happy hues are no longer limited to fall supplies for the kids; the past few years have seen an explosion of crazily colored, perkily patterned, and giggle-inducing desktop staples (yep, even those come in colors nowadays). We say, Load up, and enjoy the back-to-school nostalgia. These accessories not only help to personalize your workspace, but also give you something bright, fun, and cheerful to look forward to using every day.

So whether you’re in the market for a fuchsia leather iPhone case, jungle-print file folders, a bouquet of Crayola-bright pens and dry-erase markers, electric-hued pushpins, or notebooks with big, bold, modern patterns, you’ll find them at any office-supply or big-box store, and even online. Here are just a few of our current favorites.

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