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Delhi Day 2—Visions of the Imperial Hotel

Okay, the alarm went off too early after crashing the wedding, but  the Imperial Hotel gives you MANY reasons to hop right out of bed.

Breakfast at the Imperial is an event!  There are so many fabulous choices that you start thinking about breakfast before you go to sleep each night. The room is tasty in itself—papered in wonderful Zuber paper and decorated with British colonial furniture paired with a gleaming marble floor and hot and cold running help. What more could a girl ask for?

Beet, carrot, and cucumber juice; fresh coconut; some raspberry yogurt; watermelon and mango.  Yummy.

Too many carb-heavy choices. Not shown are the homemade cinnamon rolls that they keep warm in a silver, glass-covered dish. I did cave and do not regret it.

To counterbalance the ridiculously lush breakfast, I generally start my day with a swim in the hotel’s rather grand pool, which I generally have to myself.

It does make me feel like I should be doing some sort of water ballet with a team of swimmers in the Esther Williams tradition instead of my standard laps. . . .

Some days I go to the gym instead just to walk down this beautiful hall.

The Imperial was built in 1931 so this elevator lobby near my room is a shining example of Deco British Colonial style.

When we leave the hotel we are greeted by this man’s smiling face and his hands pressed together, wishing us namaste.  Here he poses with Dash, and he is now in my contacts, as he wanted a copy of the photo!

When we come home after a long day in and around Delhi, we eat at one of the four restaurants at the Imperial.  This is Spice Root the Thai restaurant. I promise better pictures of this extraordinary interior!



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Pippa February 13, 2013 at 2:45 pm

Beautiful pictures! It sounds like a wonderful trip. Isn’t a wonderful breakfast the best?


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