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Dash & Albert Casting Call Winner!

It was hard work, but after many hours, hundreds of dog photos, and a lot of awwwws, we narrowed down the entries in the inaugural Dash & Albert Canine Casting Call and came up with our thirty finalists. From there, we opened up the voting on the Dash & Albert Facebook page, and you, intrepid design fans, did the rest. And the winner is . . .



An 8-year-old Pitbull mix, Mickey was found as a stray in the Bronx. Starved and neglected but nevertheless enterprising, he walked up to a police officer and licked his hand. The officer brought him to the New York City Animal Care and Control Center in Harlem, where an unfortunate case of kennel cough put him on the euthanasia list. But when a volunteer walked by and saw those big brown eyes, she couldn’t resist opening his cage and bending down for a pat. He immediately put his paws around her and bestowed a shower of doggie kisses. The kindhearted volunteer pulled Mickey off the euthanasia list and popped a pic of him on Petfinder, where his human companion, Maggie, found him. She explains, “He wasn’t the dog I had in mind—at all—but when I met him, he was so sweet and timid, my heart melted.”


Maggie says Mickey is an, ahem, equal-opportunity eater who will snack on just about anything. He loves wrestling with his brother from another mother (and father), Stevie, a rescue from Mexico; letting small children pet him and climb all over him; and riding shotgun in the car. Other hobbies include sunbathing, rolling in deer poop, and hamming it up for photos. Mickey hopes to one day travel by train, and has, in fact, tried to board pretty much every time his humans pick up a friend at the train station.

Mickey and Maggie thank everyone in the audience who voted for this “brown-eyed Paul Newman.” Check out their YouTube video on Mickey’s amazing journey.

Thanks also to all the dogs and humans who participated in the Casting Call, including our finalists and runners-up. Special shout-out to the Polka Dog Bakery in Boston, for providing a selection of the most adorable handmade treats for all our finalists. We love what you do!


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jenny moradfar June 10, 2013 at 8:54 pm

Congratulations Mickey! The most handsome and the kindest dog!


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