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Dangerously Cool Curves Ahead

If there’s one item that can add instant and undeniable wow factor to a home, it’s a piece of bespoke furniture. These days, we’re flipping over one of the amazing, curvilicious tables, seats, and cabinets from Angus Ross, former industrial designer and furniture wiz. Since the 1990s, this Scottish innovator has been featured in a variety of niche publications and a handful of big newspapers, but he has yet to gain mainstream recognition. So consider this our public service announcement about what the mainstream is missing.

Using a combination of traditional techniques with current technology and some off-the-charts creativity, Ross bends, molds, and folds wood into tables, seating, and cabinets that are functional and sculptural. He has designed for both private clients and public spaces, and approaches each project first with a sketch book and pen, then with three-dimensional models, and then with full-size prototypes before creating the final piece.

We love Angus’s theory that furniture is integral to a space and not just something arranged at the end—a work of art that also enhances living. Visit the Angus Ross website today and get inspired.

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James October 10, 2012 at 2:57 pm

one word: awesome. Loving the deck chairs! would go down a treat in my back garden!


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