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Creative Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

Among Fresh American staffers, New Year’s Eve is a favorite holiday for a variety of reasons: it’s a great excuse to get gussied up, hit a party or three, and look fabulous while sipping festive cocktails. What better way to accomplish this lofty goal at your own shindig than by whipping up some fresh takes on champagne, the perennial New Year’s Eve drink? Check out our roundup of creative champagne cocktails, all of which have five ingredients or less. Bonus: they’re a terrific way to use that bottle of so-so champagne you got for Christmas from your second cousin or your partner’s well-meaning coworker.


Champagne-and-Orange-Granita Cocktail from Martha Stewart


Blooming Champagne Cocktail with Wild Hibiscus from the Hungry Mouse


PAMA Pomegranate Poinsettia from Liquor Snob




Midnight Kiss Cocktail from Hungry Couple


The French 75 from Creative Culinary


Champagne Soyeux from Sloshed

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