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How to Create the Ultimate Care Package

With a daughter in college—and her own past experience with living at a boarding school and university—Annie has acquired some pretty useful back-to-school skills, like shopping for dorm-room essentials, packing, and putting together a thoughtful care package. Perfectly timed for when your student is starting to feel the stress of a heavy workload and a bit of homesickness, the care package is all about providing a hint of home and a healthy dose of comfort right when he or she needs it most.

For Annie, certain items are care package musts. These include:

  • Cozy, machine-washable cotton pajamas in a cute print, and a cuddly fleece robe in a fun color
  • A Continental pillow for back, shoulder, and neck support during late-night study sessions
  • A roomy tote bag for hauling books to class or clothes and sheets to the laundry, or for dorm-room storage
  • A few creature comforts, like extra bath towels, floor pillows, and laptop or tablet cases
  • Extra quarters or credit for campus laundry machines

Annie gathers the items and boxes up her care package right before her daughter heads back to school, so it’s ready to mail a few weeks into the new semester. And she can’t resist sharing one more tip: “When you drop off your son or daughter at school, be sure to take a drive around the neighborhood and find the nearest bakery or coffee shop. Then call them just before you mail your care package and set up a delivery of fresh cookies or cupcakes to arrive right around the same time. It’s a nice way to say, ‘I’m thinking of you.”


  1. Mirabelle Shirt Tail Pajamas
  2. Sheepy Fleece French Blue Robe
  3. Candlewick Dove White Continental Pillow
  4. Cardigan Fucshia Throw
  5.  Trimaran Stripe Fuchsia WOUF
  6. Le Tote Denim/White Grand
  7. Marseille Laptop and Tablet Cases
  8. Signature White Bath Towels
  9. Duet down  pillow insert


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