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Chakra It to Me: Violet

It’s hard to believe that our color journey through the chakras has come to a close, but here we are at the seventh chakra, aka the crown chakra, the daddy of them all. This chakra, which represents magic, mysticism, inspiration, imagination, peace, harmony, and spirituality, is associated with violet—one of the most intriguing hues, in our decorating book.

In the U.K., violet, which is associated with royalty, is the color of the wrappings of chocolates and other traditional treats. This purple-blue shade also symbolizes Advent and Lent in many Western religions, while in China, it’s an even bigger statement: violet is said to be the absolute harmony between the two primary universal forces, yin (red) and yang (blue).

Perhaps because of all these associations with nobility and power, violet creates a luxurious look and mood in decorating, with a mix of blue and red that’s uplifting but not overly stimulating. Violet is an outside-the-box choice that will make just about any room stand out. Pair it with pale yellow or seafoam for a cool, elegant feel, or supercharge it with fuchsia or tangerine. It’s also perfect for accents just about anywhere, but especially in the bathroom and on patios and porches, where it will likely create an eye-popping contrast.

Here are a few of Annie’s favorite ways to use violet.


  1. Bella Dots toaster
  2. Violet trees with water
  3. Quartz Stripe rug
  4. Squish Collapsible Bowl
  5. Mums Stripe tote bag
  6. Isabel Marant Combo Sweater
  7. Madaket scarf
  8. Pantone Universe Notebook
  9. Hanky Panky Signature Lace Original Rise Thong
  10. Violets


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