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Chakra It to Me: Pink & Green

You’ve probably guessed by now that we have a thing for creating color palettes. Bold, subtle, saturated, washed—we love ’em all. And we especially love when we can combine old favorites in a new way. Take, for example, pink and green, those preppy staples that Annie is breathing new life into with her most recent product designs.

As it turns out, there’s a whole lot of symbolism behind these two colors. Pink, traditionally associated with femininity, also represents love, innocence, good health (“in the pink”), and joy (“tickled pink”). Green, which is considered masculine, signifies nature, the environment, good luck, youth, vigor, and eternal life—think evergreens. (It also, perhaps most famously, symbolizes jealousy, but we’re not going there at the moment.) The two colors are associated with the fourth chakra, the heart center, which governs the ego and promotes balance, compassion, humanitarianism, nurturing, friendliness, empathy, and engagement in social causes.

In chakra-speak, pink and green are thought to fight tension, insomnia, fatigue, negativity, and anger, making them a perfect combo for decorating, especially in the bedroom and home office. But we like them just about anywhere that could use a pep-me-up, whether that’s the porch, the garage, the kitchen, or the kids’ room. Lucky for us, Annie’s taken the guesswork out of it and done a bit of pink and green shopping, just in time for spring.


  1. Cupcakes
  2. Pink/Green house
  3. Pink/Green leaf
  4. Dash & Albert Bohemian wool woven rug 
  5. Pine Cone Hill Brushstroke Damask Fuchsia robe 
  6. Crate & Barrel Vienna Green barstool 
  7. Pine Cone Hill Encaustic Fuchsia/Green napkins 
  8. Pine Cone Hill Trimaran Fuchsia/White pouf
  9. Pine Cone Hill Trimaran Sprout/Ivory pouf 
  10. Jonathan Adler bookends 
  11. Pine Cone Hill Happy Poppies bed
  12. Dash & Albert Two-Tone Apple/White Indoor/Outdoor rug 
  13. Dash & Albert Two-Tone Fuchsia/White Indoor/Outdoor rug 
  14. Pine Cone Hill Toadstool Multi decorative pillow

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