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Broad Minded

With their simple, classic look and natural ability to pull together color palettes and unify a room, stripes are a go-to pattern in many decorating styles. But they have a special affinity for Happy Preppy, where their bold, “Yep, I’m here!” character adds graphic interest without taking over the entire room like Uncle Bob telling corny jokes at your Labor Day cookout.

Navy and white is a classic combo, but any bright, chipper primary color will do. On the floor, wide stripes can make a space look longer, while on upholstered furniture they add an unexpected pop. On walls, they make a big statement about your home’s fun quotient, especially when balanced with furniture in light, solid neutrals and contrasting accessories in two-tone florals. Bath or dish towels, plates, table linens, bedding, drapes, pillows—there are few items that wouldn’t benefit from a plucky wide stripe . . . just not all together, of course. Even we’re not that crazy.

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