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We’re crazy for summer, but if there’s one thing we look forward to when the weather turns colder, it’s trying out all the cozy and stylish new weather-boot options. While these pairs are all cuter than Ducky in Pretty in Pink, remember that cuteness isn’t the only consideration. Here are some tips for weather-boot shopping.

  • Feet expand during the day, so go shopping in the afternoon, when your dogs are barking their loudest.
  • Do you live in a cool—but not Berkshires-cold—climate? Then opt for a boot that’s water-resistant or waterproof and has a light lining. Leave the sherpa, double-fleece, and shearling linings for us Northeastern peepsicles.
  • Most weather boots have a small heel. Make sure the ones you choose are comfortable for hours of slogging through sloppy streets.
  • Weather boots are made to be worn with mid- to heavyweight socks, so use these when trying them on for best fit.
  • When laced, buckled, Velcro-wrapped, or otherwise closed, the boot should feel like it’s firmly holding your entire foot without cramping, sliding, or smooshing.
  • If you’re planning to use your boots for (chicly) tromping through snowdrifts, choose a pair that’s not only waterproof, but is also tall enough to handle flakes that refuse to stay on the ground.


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Duane July 27, 2012 at 5:04 am

I have like 15 uggs and they never feel too short or long. If anything, I awayls wear them rolled down. They’re usually up to your calve and the original color is the very best of them all besides black.


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