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Sometimes, things that seem like they shouldn’t go together—lobster and mac and cheese, Missoni and Target, David Hasselhoff and Popsicles (oh, how we wish we were kidding about that one)—make the most intriguing companions. Take this eclectically exuberant room and its out-of-the-box-and-through-the-front-door color scheme of lilac, burnt orange, fuchsia, rust, and ochre. Nope, those colors shouldn’t work together. But they do, and in the most offbeat and amazing way.

Annie fell head over heels for the exotic rug, and knew she had to create a space around it. Because the colors of the rug are all approximately the same intensity, no one shade jumps out more than the others, allowing for playful pairings of furniture and accents. She added the traditionally English-style sofa and armchairs, but covered them in vivid fuchsia and burnt orange upholstery. Kashmiri crewelwork pillows in rust with fuchsia embroidery help tie the seating pieces to each other and to the rug. Upping the exotic quotient, Annie repurposed Indian dhurries as window shades, and brought in the stunning Moroccan coffee table.

The gilded mirror and side table and the brass lamps—neutrals with a reflective surface—add brightness to the space, acting as a counterpoint to the dark-stained floor, chest, and mirrors. Set against the exposed-brick walls, the room is as lively as it is bohemian, and a character-packed approach to Everyday Exuberance decorating.



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