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If only we could wipe out all of our stress and little life annoyances with magic potions (otherwise known as mojitos here at Fresh American HQ). Alas, it’s not that easy, but we have found a way to make ourselves feel a whole lot more relaxed, and give our homes a sweet-smelling boost, to boot. Enter custom aromatherapy blends.

Last fall, Annie, a longtime perfume and scented-candle aficionado, picked up this handy little kit from Eden’s Garden, which includes 14 bottles of pure, high-quality essential oils. Annie loves to use them in her nightly wind-down baths and in home-blended skin oils made with a sesame oil base. She also packs tiny tubes of the blends in her travel bag and uses them while on the road to help her sleep and give a sense of home.

Ready to try some custom scents and blends at home? Here are a few of Annie’s faves:

  • Mood booster: sweet orange and clary sage
  • Kick back and relax: lavender, chamomile, and ylang ylang
  • Wake-up call: grapefruit
  • Cold buster: eucalyptus

Got a favorite aromatherapy blend? Share it in the comments!


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