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Beach Style: How to Transform Sleepwear into Chic Beach Outfits

We’re big believers that great style doesn’t mean buying tons of stuff—especially items that serve just one function. Instead, we pick and choose a few terrific items that can do double and triple duty, and sit back and reap the compliments. Case in point: beachwear. Why spend extra cash on tops, pants, and dresses that can be worn only by the shore or pool, and whose expiration date has passed by August 31? Instead, we like to repurpose pieces of cool, summery sleepwear into chic, easygoing beach outfits.

To use sleepwear as beachwear, follow these basic rules:

  • Go with separates—pants, shorts, and tunics. If you buy pajamas as a set, use a single piece at a time. You can also choose a simple nightdress for one-piece ease.
  • Avoid anything with novelty prints like cupcakes or frolicking puppies; these instantly read as pajamas, no matter what you pair them with. Instead opt for solids; timeless patterns like chevron, pinstripes, or toile; or bold, ethnic-inspired patterns, which have that exotic-getaway look.
  • Stick with lightweight, drapey fabrics like linen, cotton poplin, and Modal. Sleepwear in these materials will keep you cool and will give you a flattering silhouette, to boot.
  • For visual interest, add a great tote bag or scarf to the mix. And don’t forget the embellished or metallic sandals, cutout wedges, glam sunglasses, and an adorable hat for extra sun protection.

14Sleepwear as beachwear_1

Ninda Black Lounge Pants

Le Tote Black/Ivory Tote Bag Moyen


14Sleepwear as beachwear_2

Ikat Raspberry Knee-Length Kaftan

Le Tote Fieldstone/Fuchsia Tote Bag Grand

Napa Scarf

14Sleepwear as beachwear_3

Tiki Toile Grey Tank Nightdress

Le Tote Graphite/Platinum Tote Bag Grand

14Sleepwear as beachwear_4

Corsica Linen Lounge Pant

Admiral Navy/Ivory Tote Bag

Granulation Scarf

14Sleepwear as beachwear_6

Tiki Toile Sky Lounge Shorts

Signature Chalk Blue Bath Towel

14Sleepwear as beachwear_7

Cecilia French Blue Tunic

Le Tote Denim/Sprout Tote Bag Grand

14Sleepwear as beachwear_8


Kala Indigo Nightdress

Marseille Tote Bag

14Sleepwear as beachwear_10

Veena Blue Lounge Pants

Signature French Blue Bath Towel






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