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Be Dazzled by Design: Roaring ’20s Gala at Blantyre

Here in Western Massachusetts, we have no shortage of amazing historic homes. From Edith Wharton’s estate at The Mount to the Stanford White masterpiece Naumkeag and the fanciful gingerbread-house-come-to-life Santarella, the Berkshires are teeming with architecture and interiors that offer a lifetime of inspiration. So we were doubly excited when one of our favorite local landmarks, the stunning, circa-1900 castle Blantyre in Lenox, hosted a fund-raising bash that featured a plethora of incredible design.




Be Dazzled by Blantyre, held in December, was a party in honor of the Berkshire United Way’s ninetieth anniversary. The house, which hardly needs dressing up to look incredible, was decked out with circular tables draped with English floral fabric, gilded chairs and vintage chandeliers, rustic boxes bursting with blooms in shades of pink and white, a profusion of fresh greenery and plants, and dozens of tiny painted holiday houses all along the many yards’ worth of windowsills. The effect was Great Gatsby with a garden twist—sweet and elegant without being precious, and with a romantic, Roaring Twenties vibe.


Blantyre gala 1

Photo by David Dashiell

Blantyre gala 3

Photo by David Dashiell


And get a load of these party invitations by graphic designer Memoli Ward (who just so happens to be a member of our talented Fresh American crew). After researching vintage bookplates, ads, tarot cards, and patterns, she came up with Deco-inspired, gold-on-black letterpress invites (printed by Jeremy Chapline at Ink Plate Press) featuring a stylized crystal ball on the cover. We can’t think of a better way to invoke the era’s glitz, glamour, and edge of rebellion.


Memoli Ward party invitations 1

Photo by Lindsay Farkas, Farkas Photo LLC

Memoli Ward party invitations 2

Photo by Lindsay Farkas, Farkas Photo LLC

Memoli Ward party invitations 3

Photo by Lindsay Farkas, Farkas Photo LLC


Stay tuned for more exclusive peeks into exciting local events that will get your design-inspiration juices flowing!

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