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Art Made Easy with Wall Decals That Rock

Used to be that the only way you could get the look of art or custom painting on your walls was by buying an expensive canvas or print, hiring a painter (also not so cheap), or sticking to projects you could do yourself with a stencil and a can of paint (not expensive, but also messy and time consuming). But with the explosive growth of wall decals, temporary wallpaper, and self-adhesive wall murals over the past decade, all it takes to get the art-smart look is a small investment (generally $150 or less), about a half hour’s labor, and a friend to help you keep your new wall décor straight and tidy.


Even better, wall decals now come in such a massive range of styles, from cute and cheeky to sleek and sophisticated, that you can easily find one for pretty much any room of the house. Want to mimic the look of marble, reclaimed wood, or stone? There are wall decals for that. Love the idea of a “canvas” you can move from room to room? There are decals for that, too. There are even decals that will make you feel like you’re walking the streets of Paris or relaxing in a summery meadow.


Wall decals come in all sorts of abstract, floral, and geometric patterns, plus figurative images—think cityscapes, bridges, and trees—so complementing different décor styles is a breeze. The best part: wall decals and murals are removable, so if you don’t like where you’ve placed them, it’s ridiculously simple to peel them off and move them to another wall.


We’ve done the shopping for you and rounded up a bunch of our favorite wall decals and temporary murals and wallpapers. Take a peek and see which one fits your style and budget.



Art Style Wall Decals


Green Box Art Spring Forth

Green Box Art Little Birds Big World

Brewster Home Fashions Euro Poppies

Green Box Art One in a Million



Geometric Wall Decals


Forme Small Tipi

Jonathan Adler Nixon Blox Wall Decals

High Style Wall Decals Retro Pattern Wall Decal

Walls Need Love Dottie Removable Wall Decal Set



Stone & Tile Wall Decals


Komar Birch

Wall Pops Grey and Black Marble

Brewster Home Fashions Stripe Euro Stones

Odhams Press Retile Sevilla



Figurative Wall Decals


Couture Deco Eiffel Tower Arch

Couture Deco Baroque Balustrade

Vinyl Impression Old Map

Komar Painted Wood



Abstract Wall Decals


Tempaper Damsel Aqua Grey

Komar Federstern

Komar Cocoon

Tempaper Elements Storm Flock



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