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Although we try to unplug and unwind as much as possible, we admit it: we love our smartphones and the thousands of apps on the market. Whether useful, efficiency enhancing, pretty, or just plain silly, we slogged through the many winter-themed apps for Android and iPhone to bring you this best-of list.


Winter Live Wallpaper

Decorate your home screen with falling snowflakes, rays of sunlight, and other stopping-by-woods wintry scenes.


Winter Wake-Up

Set this app to wake you up early during freezing weather or snowstorms . . .  so you’ll have lots of time to trade that morning jog for snow shoveling and car clearing.


Winter Pin

Ready for a weekend of skiing, snowboarding, and hanging out in front of resort fireplaces with a snifter of brandy? Use this app to find ski and snowboard resorts and lodging near you.



Warm up from the cold with “coffee worth traveling for.” Find and review a café nearby (or anywhere in the world) and save it to your favorites for quick reference.




Red Stamp

E-mail, text, post, or snail mail personalized cards, notes, invitations, and announcements to all your winter events. Don’t forget those holiday thank-yous you keep promising to send.




The ultimate guide before you hit the slopes, with up-to-the-minute ski reports, cams, weather reports, and more.


Virtual Snow

From Honolulu in January to Amsterdam in June, snap a pic, add snowflakes (a flurry or an all-out blizzard), and you’ve got your own winter wonderland.



Snow Fight

Annoyed at your cubicle mate’s incessant phone chatter? Irked by the long lines at the bank? Pass the time with this addictive game, and pummel the pixilated life out of your snowball-slinging enemies.




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