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Annie’s Tip of the Week: Holiday Guests, Part 2

Consummate host that you are, you’ve stocked the kitchen and bath in anticipation of your holiday houseguests. (See part 1 of Annie’s tips.) Now it’s time to hit the sack. As Annie says, “It’s the golden rule: do unto others. You want to treat guests like they’re at a hotel, and offer them what gives them comfort when they’re away from home.” Get your guest bedroom in line with these simple tips.

  • It should go without saying that the bedsheets should be clean, but we’re going to say it anyway. Make sure they’re freshly washed, not laundered six months ago after the last visitor left. This is especially important if you have pets who like to sneak a nap pretty much anywhere they shouldn’t. Annie extends her hotel philosophy to the bedding, selecting high-quality, neutral sheets with minimal embellishment, so that no one feels like they’re sleeping in a princess palace. Her go-to’s are Pine Cone Hill’s Lyall, which feature a fun pop of graphic embroidery in a variety of color choices.
  • Although Annie is a big proponent of ironing sheets for that crisp, smooth feel, she recognizes that many folks might not have the time or inclination for this. Cheat it by ironing just the pillowcases and the folded-over edge of the flat sheet.
  • Dress the bed in cozy layers that can be peeled off for hot-blooded sleepers. Use a matelassé coverlet in a coordinating color for the middle layer, then smooth a cotton duvet on top. For households with pets, Annie shares this tip: “Put a quilt over the made bed, duvet and all. This keeps pet hair off the bedding and can be easily folded out of the way or removed come bedtime.” 
  • Pile on the pillows. Down and hypoallergenic sleeping pillows, firm and puffy and flat—you can never underestimate personal preferences. Also include a few Euro-size pillows, which are great for reading in bed.
  • Include two complementary or contrasting throws, for both visual interest and extra warmth in the middle of a chilly night. These can be draped over a chair, out of the way until needed.
  • On each bedside table, include a bottle of water and a box of tissues. Also leave a little notecard or decorative paper with your Wi-Fi password on it. You don’t want guests to have to hunt you down for the information, or, worse, prevent them from accessing the Internet while you’re in the shower or out on an errand run.
  • Leave space for guests to store their keys, jewelry, and any other small items. A decorative tray or bowl, like this one from Daniel Bellow Porcelain is a great way to keep everything organized in one pretty package.
  • Keep travel bags within easy reach by providing folding luggage racks. Not only does this mean less bending over for your guests, but it also prevents unauthorized feline napping spots and canine underwear thievery. (Just ask Annie about the latter.)
  • On a bureau or console table within the room, offer a selection of reading material. Annie likes to pick up several different current-issue magazines, from business to home décor and fashion, and always sets up a stack of fiction and nonfiction books.
  • Include fresh flowers, either on the bureau or on the nightstands—or both! Arrangements don’t have to be elaborate, as long as they’re visually appealing. “Fresh flowers really say that you’ve given a lot of thought to their visit,” Annie says.

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Mary December 18, 2012 at 5:54 pm

I think I’d like to be a guest in Annie’s house!

Rosie December 24, 2012 at 4:28 pm

I like organizing tips and decorating tips that are simple and not to expensive.


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