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Annie’s Picks for the Perfect Wedding Gift (3 Ways)

Wedding season is off with a bang. And while buying just the right gift—something that felt personal and a little indulgent, yet still practical—for the new couple(s) used to be trickier than watching Kacy Catanzaro navigate a course on America Ninja Warrior, this year, we’ve got an ace in our shopping bag. Annie has weighed in with her top picks for wedding gifts—at three price levels—and we think you’re going to be as happy as we are with her tips and suggestions.


(And if you’re the bride and need a little inspiration on what to give the gal pals in your wedding party, check out our tutorial on how to put together a bridesmaid gift bag.)


Annie explains, “Many times, the couple is saving money for a honeymoon, a new house, or a big move, so they’re hesitant to spend on themselves. They think, ‘Do we really need a new set of sheets when we can just get by with the ones we’ve had for years?’ That’s why bedding and other home basics are some of the most appreciated gifts you can give—they feel special, even though they’re everyday necessities, and if you add in something a little upscale, it can go a long way toward making a house feel like a luxurious abode.”


Annie suggests sticking to a color palette of white on white, white with a pale neutral, or white with a pop of pastel when buying bedding and décor as wedding gifts, unless you know the couple and their decorating tastes well. But white décor doesn’t have to be boring; there are plenty of options for patterns that pop, fabrics and textures that feel great against the skin, and little details (think embroidery, quilting, banding, and fringe) that will make the couple’s new room stand out—and stand the test of time, regardless of trends.


When buying bedding and other décor as wedding gifts, Annie recommends choosing one or more of the following:

An heirloom-quality quilt or duvet  in a luxe fabric, or one in a top-quality cotton with an interesting, tone-on-tone pattern.

The best-quality set of sheets you can afford; details like hemstitching, banding, embroidery, and applique help a basic white sheet set look rich.

Two to four soft, absorbent, cushy bath towels, or, if you can afford it, two to four sets of washcloths, hand towels, and bath sheets.

A snuggle-worthy throw —cashmere makes an unforgettable wedding gift, but cotton in a cozy knit or an enzyme-washed linen work well, too.

A pair of soft, full-length robes —comfy fleece is a great everyday choice, but you’ll be the instant favorite friend or family member if you include a top-quality linen or chenille robe in your gift package.

A dog or cat bed. No joke! Most couples are so busy with wedding or house planning that upgrading their pet supplies isn’t even on their radar. A pet bed is a simple yet thoughtful gift guaranteed to spark a lot of awwwwws.

A sturdy, widemouth tote bag that can be used in a variety of ways, from laundry tote to market bag and extra storage in the bedroom or bath.



Beauty on a Budget

1. Le Tote Fieldstone/White Grand Tote Bag

2. Waffle Towel White

3. Classic Hemstitch White Sheet Set

4. Victoria Quilt

5. Sheepy Fleece Dove Grey Robe

6. Candlewick Dove White Robe

7. Platinum WOUF

8. Cardigan White Throw



1. Sheepy Fleece White Robe

2. Sheepy Fleece Chalk Blue Robe

3. Le Tote Fieldstone/White Moyen Tote Bag

4. Signature White Bath Towels

5. Light Blue WOUF

6. Trio White Flat Sheet

7. Laundered Linen White Throw

8. Trio White Duvet


Luxe Life

1. Linen Chenille Natural Robe

2. Carina Semolina Decorative Pillow

3. Carina White Flat Sheet

4. Simone White Duvet

 5. Bellissima Semolina Throw

6. Signature Banded White Towels


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