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Annie’s Got (Domino) Style!

Like most of you, we wept bitter tears (and consumed copious amounts of chocolate) when Domino magazine announced that it was closing up shop in 2009 . . . and then cried tears of joy (and ate even more chocolate—it was a celebration, after all) when it rose, Phoenix-like, and was transformed into a series of special editions. The latest, Fall/Winter 2012, is chock-full of all the goodies you’ve come to expect from Domino, plus a new feature: the Style Council.

The Style Council is made up of a baker’s dozen of design luminaries like Bunny Williams, Steven GambrelTodd OldhamPhoebe Howard, and, of course, Annie. According to Dan Shaw, who conducted all the interviews with the Style Council, “This is how professional designers really think. They think about use and function and livability, and they layer in the style on top. . . .  The Style Council gives people all these little pieces of advice that they can use as building blocks to make a beautiful home.”

Those tasty tidbits include everything from the virtues of different paint finishes to the best length for a sofa and whether or not to use coasters. What does Annie bring to the proverbial table? Dan calls it an honest, down-to-earthness. “She’s living in the real world, not the rarefied world that some designers are in,” he observes. “She has a warmth, an every-woman’s perspective, and a great sense of humor.”

Check out all of Annie’s and the other designers tips in Domino today.

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