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Annie’s Favorite Moments on Instagram

Annie has been enjoying one of those crazy-busy but inspiring stretches of time. If she’s not traveling to locales near and far, she’s in product meetings or in the studio, working on some incredible new bedding, rugs, and accessories. (Stay tuned for a backstage pass to all the new intros, coming all year long. You’re going to have to see some of this decor to believe it!) But one thing she always makes time for is Instagram, and she’s been posting a variety of fun, exclusive photos. Take a peek at a few of her favorites, then follow Annie on Instagram for your daily dose of design inspiration, travel ideas, contests, and more.

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Etta Wagner February 23, 2015 at 8:41 am

I fell in love with Pine Cone Hill about 10 years ago and am still using the items I bought then. Dash and Albert have captured my heart by reminding me of the basset hound I had many years ago. I’m sure this is the wrong place to post this but I saw a giveaway posted on your facebook page and would be grateful for the opportunity to win some of your wonderful products.


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