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Annie’s Favorite Color Pops: Turquoise & Yellow

Some color combinations fairly scream “Summer!” and we love them for all their breezy-mornings and sunny-days exuberance. Today our boats are afloat thanks to two quintessentially happy, warm-weather hues: turquoise and yellow. One look, and we think you’ll know why we’re smitten.


Yellow and turquoise—peppy tributes to sun and surf—are dynamic colors on their own, and you can hardly go wrong with splashes of either in your decorating, especially against both pale and dark neutrals. But when married, these hues transform from happy-go-lucky accents into an eye-popping, hot-cool combo that’s made for lively yet relaxed living.


To try a turquoise and yellow room palette at home, Annie suggests starting with a focal point that contains both colors—like this gorgeous, intricately embroidered decorative pillow. For a more grounded look, use turquoise on larger pieces, like rugs and furniture, and layer in lemony tones on pillows, duvets  or quilts, lamps, and other accents. This approach keeps yellow, which is a naturally stimulating color, from becoming overwhelming, while also balancing out the coolness of turquoise. Check out her newest favorites in these two energetic colors:





1. Donahue Distressed Turquoise Blue Side Table

2. Amelie Sheet Set

3. Amelie Turquoise Embroidered Decorative Pillow

4. Mingled Daffodil Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

5. Barn Light Electric Dino Yellow Pendant Lamp

6. Blue Sky Ticking Woven Cotton Rug

7. Armed and Stylish Indoor/Outdoor Armchair

8. Trimaran Stripe Turquoise/White Indoor/Outdoor Pouf

9. Diamond Canary Matelassé Coverlet and Shams


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