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Annie’s Favorite Color Pops: Pink & Green

Some patterns and color combos are so tied to time periods or designers that the barest mention of them conjures up a mental movie reel of images. Case in point: pink and green. When you read those words, if your first thought was, The ’80s are back! and your second thought was, Better bust that Lily Pulitzer dress out of the closet! you know exactly what we’re talking about. But beyond the dose of sweet nostalgia, what we love most about these evocative color palettes is that they’re ripe for reinvention. That’s why, in the spirit of Pretty in Pink, we’re saying “May I admire you again today?” to the preppy-with-a-twist mix of pink and green.


Green is one of the most symbolic hues on the color wheel, representing growth and rejuvenation. And pink, with its association with rosy cheeks and cheery spring flowers, has a perpetually youthful glow. The two colors together are dynamic and full of energy, with the earthiness of green offset by the punch of pink. No matter the shades—lime and blush, evergreen and poppy, sprout and rose—they just work, so the combination is almost foolproof in interior decorating.


We’ve put together a fresh new take on pink and green, with an all-grown-up botanical sheet set and a handful of shades-of-green accessories sweetened up with shams and throw pillows in a plucky fuchsia. Take a peek at how we’re rocking these colors:




1. Ferns Sheet Set

2. Diamond Key Lime Matelassé Coverlet

3. Le Tote Fuchsia/White Tote Bag

4. Poppy Pink decorative pillow

5. Trio Fuchsia Flat Sheet

6. Sheepy Fleece Key Lime Robe

7. Evergreen Ticking Woven Cotton Rug

8. Stone Washed Linen Fuchsia Sham

9. Coco Throw

10. Trimaran Stripe Sprout Pouf


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