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Annie’s Favorite Color Pops: Orange & French Blue

You can take the crayons away from a gal, but you can’t take the gal away from an exuberant, out-of-the-box sense of color. So we’ve learned in our years with Annie, who finds new ways to get hue happy every season. For the next several weeks, we’re going to be taking a look at her latest color palette crushes, starting with an unusual, dynamic pairing for spring and summer: orange and French blue.


While citrus hues may be a no-brainer for decorating during the warm-weather months, they’re often combined with other tropical colors for a look-on-the-bright-side approach, or with neutrals for a bit of zing. French blue is such a calming, sophisticated shade that we hadn’t really considered putting it together with energetic tangerine, but the result is pure color palette alchemy. Check out Annie’s top picks in these two shades; then let us know in the comments which colors you’re most looking forward to experimenting with in your décor this year.




1. Boyfriend Orange Matelassé Throw

2. Paintbrush Sham

3. Tangerine Dream Woven Cotton Rug

4. Candlewick Paprika Decorative Pillow

5. Sheepy Fleece Tangerine Robe

6. Cecilia French Blue Tunic

7. Diamond French Blue Matelassé Coverlet

8. Amelie White Embroidered Decorative Pillow

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