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Annie’s Favorite Color Pops: Navy, White & Citrus

Some color combinations have been around for eons, and for good reason: they just work, without trying hard, and without ever seeming stale or dated. Take the timeless pairing of navy and white, which looks equally fresh and crisp in a variety of decorating styles, from nautical to upscale transitional and eclectic boho. We love the high contrast of white  and navy  for creating instant impact in a room, and when they’re set off by another, unexpected hue—like fiesta-ready citrus —now we’re talking design magic.


Annie has always adored navy and white for that boathouse-beautiful look, but this season, it’s been her go-to for a looser, global style that marries elements from the Far East, like resist-dyed coverlets and Arabic-inspired architectural patterns, with tropical linens and modern Western prints. The key to mixing all of these styles and textures in a sophisticated way is to keep the palette streamlined to just navy and white, rather than layering in sister hues like sky and ivory. She uses these liberally, on larger décor like furniture, bedding, and rugs. Since citrus—a tone halfway between apple green and yellow—can be overstimulating in quantity or on larger items, Annie confines it to a few well-placed pops: a decorative pillow or two, a throw, and a side table or a lamp.


Take a peek, and see which of her navy, white, and citrus picks are your favorites:

1. Resist Dot Indigo coverlet

2. Ink Dots sheets

3. Marina White quilt

4. Candlewick Ink Continental pillow

5. Surina Citrus pillow

6. Laundered Linen Citrus throw

7. Samson Navy indoor/outdoor rug

8. Samode Navy pouf

9. Brushstroke Damask Wild Lime nightdress

10. Jana Indigo Quilt

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