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Annie’s Favorite Color Pops: Fuchsia & White

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know that Annie has rarely met a shade of pink she hasn’t liked. From ballet to blush, rose to magenta, pink is one of Annie’s go-to colors in home decorating. Because it has so many variations, it’s a hue that never really goes out of seasonal style, and it’s especially refreshing for summer. That’s why she’s sharing one of her current favorite color pops, the high-contrast, cheery combo of fuchsia and white.




Sure, Annie could have made white the base color for this bedroom palette, but why go the quiet route when it’s so much more fun to put bright, chatty fuchsia center stage? She picked a luxe linen duvet cover and shams, a woven cotton rug, and a wow-worthy shell pendant lamp in shades of bright pink, then toned it down with all-white furniture, like the sofa and nightstand, and accessories—the soft, lace-knit throw and attention-grabbing, oversized wood-tile mirror. To the mix, she tossed in a few items in both white and pink—an embroidered-stripe flat sheet, plush banded bath towel set, an ombre vase, and a pair of decorative pillows featuring sweet-not-sappy pink embroidery.


Which of these think-pink pieces would you most like to try at home?



1. Mikasa Monochrome Fuchsia Glass Vase

2. Relax to the Max White 3-Seat Sofa

3. Ikat Raspberry Pajama

4. Trio Fuchsia Flat Sheet

5. Venus Capiz Pink Pendant

6. Seahorse Fuchsia Decorative Pillow

7. Paisley Lace White Throw

8. Parsons Floor Mirror

9. Arch White Oval Nightstand

10. Poppy Pink Decorative Pillow

11. Signature Banded Fuchsia Bath Towels

12. Stone Washed Linen Fuchsia Duvet Cover and Shams

13. Pink Sand Ticking Woven Cotton Rug

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