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Annie’s Favorite Color Pops: French Blue, Grey & White

If you tuned in for posts like this, this, or even this, you may have guessed by now that Annie has a little crush on French blue. It’s become one her go-to colors over the past couple of seasons, and with good reason: as the vibrant, slightly unexpected sister of hues like navy and denim, French blue packs a personality punch while remaining versatile in a variety of decorating styles and color palettes. This hue also has a sophistication, a look-at-me confidence, that paler shades of blue lack, which makes it equally useful at perking up traditional décor and adding a pretty, calming feel to sleek and modern room designs.


While we’re loving French blue with all things bright and bold this season, as we transition through late summer, we’re planning to pair it with neutrals for a look that has an earthy appeal. Take a peek at our favorite way to combine French blue, white, and grey:




1. Armed and Stylish Platinum Heathered Chair

2. Finn, Mina, and Pilar French Blue Storage Bins

3. Comfy Cable Knit Pearl Grey Throw

4. Fretwork Grey Tufted and Carved Wool Rug

5. Tribeca White Matelassé Coverlet and Shams

6. Stonewashed Linen French Blue Duvet and Shams

7. Brushstroke Damask French Blue Nightdress

8. Trio Pearl Grey Flat Sheet

9. Poppy Blue Decorative Pillow

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