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Amazing Space: A Knockout Patio Library in Jonannesburg

Ever have one of those Are you kidding me right now?! design moments? Well, prepare for another, courtesy of this unreal patio library featured on Nuevo Estilo. Looking past the fact that we never thought we’d say patio and library in the same sentence, this combination indoor/outdoor space, designed by South African architect Henri Comrie, hits every note right.


South African farmhouse Henri Comrie Nuevo Estilo 2


Of course, for those of us who don’t live in a warm, dry climate like Johannesburg, we’re indulging in a bit of design fantasy rather than get-the-look inspiration. But who says there’s anything wrong with that?


The first part that makes this design stand out is the eclectic, farmhouse-style approach in an uber-modern structure. (Seriously, take a look at the full house tour. You won’t believe your eyes.) It lends an earthy, relaxed quality to a home that could otherwise look cold and industrial. This patio space, in particular—one of two in the home—feels warm and inviting, thanks to the mix of materials like wicker, rattan, wood, and textiles, and the combination of warm and cool colors.


South African farmhouse Henri Comrie Nuevo Estilo


We never really understood the whole arranging-books-by-color thing, but we have to say, in this case it’s genius, because it echoes the multiple hues found in the vintage rug, seat cushions, and pillows. With a space this big, it’s easy for accents to get lost, but a few large pieces—the ceramic jug in the far corner, the tall vases on the coffee and accent table—help manage the scale. And that view? Don’t even get us started. . . .


Field trip, anyone?

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Charlotte Urban September 7, 2015 at 11:35 am

What a feast for the eye ! So glad to have seen it,
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