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There’s something about art that’s organic and beautiful, but a little rough-hewn—perfectly imperfect, if you will. That’s the case with Ani Kasten, a Brentwood, Maryland–based ceramics artist who has exhibited across the United States, and whose wheel-thrown and hand-built forms skirt the border of the natural and man-made worlds.

Kasten, who studied under highly regarded British ceramist Rupert Spira, takes her cues from plants, water, rocks, and clay, as well as from architecture, industry, and machinery. She often creates in “families,” with groups of pieces that might be chopped off, weathered, off center, or perforated, mimicking natural movement and organic decay.

We think Kasten’s minimal aesthetic makes a strong yet quiet statement in just about any space. Find out where to see and purchase her work here.

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Mary August 31, 2012 at 1:53 pm

I love art in which you can see the hands of the artist. These pieces are supreme examples of this.


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