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Accessory Report: New Totes & Scarves for Spring

We’ve done our closets due diligence and cleared them out for the season, thanks to Annie’s easy spring cleaning tips. And now that we have a bit of extra space to play with, the timing couldn’t be better for picking up a couple of fun accessories—like a new tote bag and scarf—that give a springy boost to our favorite outfits but are still compact enough not to hog much closet real estate. Today we’re taking a peek at six fresh new combos of totes and scarves we know you’re going to reach for again and again.

From preppy stripes and anchors to polka dot scarves in spring-bloom hues and versatile patterned handbags in lightened-up seasonal palettes, these accessories are an easy and affordable way to dress up your favorite weekend casual outfits or add a personality punch to workwear. For the ultimate mix-and-match versatility, choose two bags and two scarves with at least one color in common, and you’ll be able to switch up your look in a snap.

bag&scarf 1

Fresh American Admiral Navy/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Tote Bag

Madaket Scarf



bag&scarf 2

Inkwell Scarf

Fresh American Le Tote Denim/White Tote Bag Petit

bag&scarf 3

Fresh American Le Tote Fieldstone/Fuchsia Tote Bag Grand

Pop Paisley Scarf

bag&scarf 4

Dots Lime Scarf

Fresh American Le Tote Sprout/White Tote Bag Moyen

bag&scarf 5-2

Velvet Flowers Pink Scarf

Mellie Stripe Woven Cotton Tote Bag

bag&scarf 6

Midnight Stripe Woven Cotton Tote Bag

Shima Scarf

As if you needed one more bonus: these tote bags are made from durable woven cotton and indoor/outdoor polypropylene, so they’re perfect for road trips, cookouts, picnics, and the beach. See you there?

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Debbie Hyatt May 25, 2016 at 4:46 pm

Great site love all the colors and the styles but is it for sale like the scarves in the purses or are they just to look at to give people that don’t know how to put things together together when I own my retail shop I would have a lot of people say I want that whole section right there and it didn’t bother me I had a great designers

annieselke July 27, 2016 at 12:26 pm

Sorry for the delay in answering your comment!!! We have had some glitches with the blog and the comments were not populating. We do sell the scarves and totes (http://annieselke.com/Scarves-%26-Totes/c/FA21) and we like to help people figure out what looks good with what.


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