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Refined Romantic: Elegant Home Decorating

Romance is a love affair in other than domestic surroundings.”  —Sir Walter Raleigh

We love poetry, but we can’t help but disagree with Sir Walt on this one. In fact, we think there are some pretty compelling reasons to fall head over heels right in your own home.*

The Refined Romantic style is an invitation to go googly-eyed over your surroundings through an appreciation of old-world craftsmanship and the rituals of other times or places. While it gives a nod to the beauty, grace, and elegance of days past, gone are the ornate love seats covered in heavy velvet, and the miles of lace curtains and ruffled bedcovers. This version of romance is sleek, sophisticated, and decidedly nonfussy.

To get the Refined Romantic look:

  • Show your provenance by incorporating objects that have some history—and a story to tell
  • Add a little shine in the form of a reflective surface on a piece or two of furniture, a decorative mirror, or a gorgeous chandelier
  • Pay attention to details like fringed trim on a smooth silk pillow, a gold-leaf frame for your favorite family photo, or meandering, hand-painted vines on a chest of drawers
  • Say it with flowers, from garden bouquets to designs on needlepoint pillows, wallpaper, and china

Refined Romantic is a style you can’t wait to come home to so you can sink into its warm, welcoming embrace. So go ahead. Fall in love.

*Significant other not included.

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