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Nuanced Neutral Home Decorating

Walls painted a single shade of eggshell. Unembellished cream bedding. Ivory wall-to-wall carpet. When thrown together simply to avoid having to make bolder choices, it’s not a statement—it’s a big roomful of meh. Beige for beige’s sake might be good for selling real estate, but for daily living, it’s a snoozefest.

There’s another way to do neutral home decor, without playing it totally, blandly safe. Nuanced Neutral has depth and intrigue from the layering of the myriad tones between white and black, ivory and brown, and from adding texture. With such a restrained palette, each object or pop of color is thrown into relief.

A Nuanced Neutral design can be traditional or modern, romantic or formal, low-key and moody or bright and lively. To get this look:

  • Consider shape by mixing the curvaceous with the angular, the symmetrical with the asymmetrical. Think sculptural impact.
  • Take on texture—matte, shiny, nubby, smooth, hard, and soft—in your textiles, artwork, and objects.
  • Bring nature in by incorporating elements like wood, stone, plants, and smaller items that can be used for decoration (pinecones, river rocks, and coral).
  • Layer away, without worry that the colors don’t go together. Fabrics are especially important here; they put the nuance in Nuanced Neutral.


The result is a sophisticated, streamlined look that exudes confidence and puts your favorite items in the spotlight, where they belong.

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