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A Jolly Good Yellow

If your first reaction to this room is “Yowza,” you’re not alone. We stopped in our tracks while flipping through the June issue of Veranda as soon as we saw this beauty, the work of New York designers Tom Britt and Valentino Samsonadze.

How many people would be gutsy enough to splash a yellow the color of a daisy’s central floret disc on their walls, or paint a faux-marble design in silver, gray, and ivory on an oak floor? These colors are echoed throughout the room on the grandest pieces, like the custom pedimented chimneypiece and mantel and the floor-to-ceiling bookcases, all the way down to the tiniest details, like the candles, the rope trim on the Thai silk furniture and pillows, and the raised-panel doors. These cool tones get a dash of heat from the vintage chairs upholstered in candy-apple-red leather, plus the amber glass bottles on the side table and the pink flowers strewn about the room in a variety of vases.

We’re especially excited about the collection of framed black-and-white illustrations—enough to fill a small gallery, and eye-catching enough to bring the eye up toward the tall ceilings and the gorgeous crystal chandelier. Back at floor level, the nutty mishmash of ethnic touches, from the seven-foot-tall Asian statue to the Moroccan candlesticks and Indonesian-inspired head vase, help to ground the space. Although we usually like a bit of asymmetry in a room design, we think this room manages to look polished and balanced but still quirky—as individual as the designers themselves.

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