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5 Reasons Why Collections Rock Our Decorating World

Everyone here at Fresh American HQ seems to have at least one collection in their homes, while some people, like Annie herself, have multiple fun, cheeky, or downright fabulous collections that they display all around the house. In fact, the urge to collect is so universal that we’d be hard-pressed to find a person who has never collected anything, whether as a serious passion or a casual hobby. We’ve talked about how to display collections and how to hang art collections, but today we’re backing up a step and taking a deeper look at why all of us seem to have such long-lasting affection for collections, and why they elevate an interior design.


Collections make a personal statement about you. Are you a world traveler? An art connoisseur? A lover of Matchbox cars or other miniatures? Your collections tell unique stories about you, where you’ve been, and your perspective on the world.




They’re instant conversation starters. Visitors can’t resist asking “Where’d you get that?” when they see a grouping of African masks, antique typewriters, animal sculptures, or raku vases.



You can display collections in dozens of ways. Arrange them on a shelf, group them into tabletop or mantle vignettes, place them under glass cloches on a console, stack them, hang them on a wall, or group them into smaller collections within other collections, like this bottlecap collection displayed in glass vases. The possibilities are practically endless, and endlessly intriguing.




An interior design looks that much richer with a unique and compellingly displayed collection. Adding a collection to a room not only speaks to your personality, but instantly shakes up any parts of the design that might otherwise seem uniform. It’s also a great way to draw attention to favorite parts of the room . . . while drawing the eye away from other parts you might still be working on.




They make you smile every day. Just glancing over at a favorite collection instantly brings us back to where we were when we found the individual pieces. Many collections, especially those that are generation-after-generation heirlooms or inherited from a beloved family member, have sentimental value that’s hard to match. In fact, while we often feel like we could switch out most décor items as the desire for change strikes, collections generally stick with us even as we move from city to city or home to home.



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