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12 Days of Gift Giving: DIY Gift Baskets

Welcome to the first installment of the 12 Days of Gift Giving Series, in which we’ll be highlighting some of our employees’ favorite Annie Selke holiday gifts! Grab a cup of hot cocoa and scroll down for fun and festive gift-giving inspiration. Today, we’re honing in on the carefully-curated gift basket!


Courtney, a buyer in our product development department, and Carleen, one of our talented graphic designers, both love to treat friends and family members to gift baskets during the holidays.

I enjoy putting together cute baskets with items that represent their personality, interests, and hobbies. -Carleen

I love filling one of our storage bins with a good bottle of wine and ingredients to cook an Italian dinner. -Courtney

I love filling one of our storage bins with a good bottle of wine and ingredients to cook an Italian meal. -Courtney


With endless themes and combinations to work around, a thoughtfully put together basket is the no-fail gift option that will please everyone on your list. Begin by choosing one of our sturdy and stylish storage bins as a base. Get creative with your gift basket items! Tip: If you’re putting together a food-based basket, be sure that its contents don’t need to be refrigerated.  Here are just a few gift basket ideas to inspire your own creation:

Pack up all the fixings for a delicious Italian meal. Think savory sauces, oils, crusty, fresh bread, a nice wine and of course, pasta! Incorporating unique serving utensils or table linens to the mix is also a fun touch.

What’s Inside:

1. Alex Red Storage Bin
2. Stone Washed Linen Red Fringe Napkins
3. Stonewall Kitchen Meatball Seasoning Blend
4. Williams-Sonoma Garlic Infused Olive Oil
5. 49 Mulberry Red Wine from Balderdash Cellars (a Berkshires-based company!)
6. Stonewall Kitchen Traditional Marinara
7. Pasta
8. Freshly-Baked Italian Bread
9. Sur La Table Italian Olive Wood Spoon

The Presentation

Line the bin with tissue paper and carefully place all of the items inside, saving the bread for last. We love the idea of wrapping the bread in a beautiful linen napkin and tying it with twine or ribbon. This basket has at-home date night written all over it!


The perfect gift for the person who loves to be pampered! Choose a storage bin in a soothing color and fill it with spa-ahh-worthy goodies that will relax and rejuvenate the senses. Think deliciously-scented candles, gourmet tea, a fuzzy robe or a cozy throw.

What’s Inside:

1. Alex Pearl Grey Storage Bin
2. Selke Fleece Slipper Pink Hooded Robe
3. Rigaud Gardenia Candle
4. Linnea’s Lights Moroccan Rose Diffuser
5. Ibiza Shale Throw
6. Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro Tea

The Presentation

Carefully fold the robe or throw and secure with a ribbon. Use the folded item as the centerpiece and place the smaller items around it. Fill any empty areas with tissue paper. Finish off with a beautiful card or hand-written note.


For the loved one who lives for relaxing at home, this gift combo is perfection! All the fixings for peppermint hot cocoa and extra-decadent chocolates to snack on, plus super comfy pajamas and a throw to stay cozy and warm. Cue the Netflix binge!

What’s Inside:

1. Warm & Cozy Mug from Target
2. Wallflower Shirt Tail Pajamas
3. Cozy Knit Red Throw
4. Godiva Chocolates
5. Candy Canes
6. Stonewall Kitchen Peppermint Hot Chocolate
7.  Finn Indigo Pint

The Presentation:

Fold the largest item (pajamas or throw) and secure with a ribbon. Use this as the centerpiece and place the smaller items around it. Experiment with layering the items as it makes sense. For example, empty the hot cocoa mix into a cellophane bag and wrap ribbon around the top to secure. Finish off with more ribbon and a few candy canes. Place all of the hot cocoa fixings into the mug. Voila!


Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more Annie Selke employee gift picks as the 12 Days of Gift Giving series continues!

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